Shan Cuisine Released

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Shan Cuisine: The Taste and Flavour of our Childhood Days
Author: Sao Noan Oo
Contributors: Sao Htain Win, Ouie, Dong Phong Noan, Sao Sam Noan, Sao Tern Merng, Nang Kham Kaw

A cook book introducing Shan Cuisine, with authentic, subtle and flavour combination, as well as some unusual cooking techniques

Welcome to the World of Shan Cooking and enjoy the tantalizing aroma of a wide range of fresh and wholesome ingredients and herbs

Many delicious and healthy dishes, with easy to follow step by… step instruction and photographs

The proceeds of this book, which consists of about 90 recipes, and other donations are going towards the education of Shan Children who have been orphaned and disadvantaged by human rights violations in their own country

Sao Noan Oo (Nel Adams) is Shan-British, born in the Shan States (Mong Tai).
She has an M. Sc degree in zoology, and as a Lecturer of Applied Science she taught Nutrition, Hygiene and Food Science at Mid-Cheshire College, UK.

Later she changed her career from lecturing to become a proprietor of a Bakery in the Cheshire village of Helsby.

The price of the book is: 15 £ (UK), 17,50 Euro (Euro Zone), 20 USD or 600 Thai Baht

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