Warm blankets and clothes for Loi Lam

Education Projects, News — By on December 22, 2010 2:20 pm

Loi Lam is a small internally displaced people’s village inside Shan State, opposite to Thailand’s Chiang Mai province. Shan villagers fled to Loi Lam, which is under the protection of the Shan resistance, to escape the atrocities committed by the Burma army and to avoid being abused as porters or human mine sweepers.

The Refugees there are not only ethnic Shan but also Lisu and Pa-O. 60 children attend the small school and the kindergarten of Loi Lam, 33 girls and 27 boys.

Due to its very remote location, help does not reach Loi Lam easily. Muddy roads and restrictions from Thai authorities make it even more difficult for the people of Loi Lam, especially for the children, to access their basic needs.

As winter from November to February is definitely cold in the mountain areas of the northern provinces of Thailand and Shan State, blankets and warm cloths are a necessity for children of Loi Lam.

In November 2010, Shan Education Committee asked Thailife Foundation to grant the budget to buy and distribute blankets for children of Loi Lam. We added a bit to the requested sum and suggested to use this money to organize a Shan New Year celebration for the children. But the teachers and students had something more practical in mind, they wanted to buy underwear and caps with the blankets. End of November 2010 the goods were delivered and distributed.